No artwork has been able to portray human debauchery quite like Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights.’ That is, until Carla Gannis recreated this iconic image 500 years later using only Emojis. Explore other examples of digital culture in art at https://www.artsy.net/gene/digital-culture
  1. ‘Garden of Earthly Delights,’ painted between 1505-1515, infuses a biblical narrative with fantasy and humor. The triptych depicts three scenes: God introducing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (left panel), an imperfect human world (center panel), and the horrors of hell (right panel).
    Hieronymus Bosch, ‘Garden of Earthly Delights,’ ca. 1505-1515, Museo del Prado, Madrid. https://www.artsy.net/artwork/hieronymus-bosch-garden-of-earthly-delights
  2. Carla Gannis reimagines Bosch’s painting in an all-Emoji universe, called ‘The Garden of Emoji Delights’. Gannis presents this work as an animation and as a digital print - and both make for an epic game of “I Spy.” Let’s take a closer look.
    Carla Gannis, ‘The Garden of Emoji Delights,’ 2014, Transfer Gallery. https://www.artsy.net/artwork/carla-gannis-the-garden-of-emoji-delights
  3. Bosch's Version: God introduces Eve to Adam in the Garden of Eden.
  4. Gannis's Version: 💂✌️🍓🐍
  5. Bosch's Version: Animals in the Garden of Eden.
  6. Gannis's Version: 🐘🐮🐇🔍
  7. Bosch's Version: Temptation, seduction, and other "Earthly Delights".
  8. Gannis's Version: 🍝🍉😂🎯
  9. Bosch's Version: A parade of fantastic creatures circle a pool of water.
  10. Gannis's Version: 🐷👦🏻🍎🌺
  11. Bosch's Version: Symbols of birth and heaven fill the upper portion of the painting.
  12. Gannis's Version: 🌎🏈🚀🎉
  13. Bosch's Version: The horrors of hell.
  14. Gannis's Version: 🐣💀🔪📺
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