Weird Philosophy

Some weird events occurred in my life that changed my view of the world. My perception of what reality is changed. Here's a summary of my thoughts and madness. I want to give a different perspective than you're used to. To stimulate your mind into believe in obscurity.
  1. There is a veil over humans concealing the cosmic truths.
    Most people do not question what reality is. They do not ask what it means to be human and how we became so intelligent in a relatively short period of time. Science has many answers but nature has a way of covering up truths that may be very evident.I feel soul connections to a perfect stranger. The wool has been stripped from my eyes and the true meaning is becoming more clear day-by-day.
  2. Everything in this universe is planned. There are no coincidences.
    I had a very surreal experience that occurred in December of 2014. This is when the veil was pulled from over my eyes. Events transpired that left me questioning every single aspect of life and being conscious in the material realm. I had visions of events that were yet to come. I felt the apocalypse happening in front of me and what was the cause it of. That which I will explain soon. I kept saying to my now wife over and over again "Life is planned" it was my mantra for months.
  3. Humans had a just start to there evolution
    Let me start by saying I am not a creationist. Life evolves, period. My thinking is we had a major jump start that gave us our intelligence and knowledge. Out of all life on earth after billions of years of evolution, and were the only intelligent life? And it happened in a very short time frame? Doesn't seem likely to me, I know scientist can prove me wrong in some fashion but they can't prove themselves right. I see us as a test experiment from a higher power. Mixing of species to make us, us
  4. What is the soul? Are we just pawns for the universal plan?
    My concept of reality is far different then most. This may take more than one bullet point to explain. I see all living creatures as cosmic energy. We are the hosts of that energy. The mind creates our material reality but lies beyond what we can see I remember going on a long walk and like info being sent from above I had the concept that life is but a mere video games and were the character and who knows who the user is. I still believe our soul is the only thing that's real in this universe
  5. Soul connections and I do not mean soul mate that's something else.
    What I mean by this is, all souls are interconnected. Have you ever had a feeling you know a perfect stranger who bares no resemblance to anyone you've met? This is what I mean; it may be from a past life or the after life, I do not know but I feel it. I see certain looks and smiles as "I believe we have met previously, how are you this life time?" Energy cannot be created nor destroyed just goes into a more chaotic state. Don't forget, that includes you.
  6. Orion's Belt, Sirius Pleiades, are our origins
    Yes, yes, I'm crazy and this sounds like Ancient Aliens but I do believe those stars are our origins. We don't detect life on other star systems because we are observing their past and if advanced civilization are out there. It would be like a blinking our eyes and then poof, it's gone. Our ancestors trekked from galaxy to galaxy, meanwhile depositing us here. Possibly as an experiment or to continue the race in a different way.
  7. Let me further my argument about our origins.
    The Pleiades is a star cluster that is the most distant point of these constellations I mention before. We tracked through a specific belt of stars that I call "the Life Belt" we traveled from the Pleiades, to Orion's Belt and Sirius; moving galaxy to galaxy to end up here. Maybe life was deposited in all those different galaxies along the Life Belt. I have this strange sensation every time I look up that someone is observing me and that my answers are in the stars
  8. This is the end of my philosophy. I may consider doing lists specifically for each segment of my thoughts. Which I know are not a common thoughts. I just want to challenge minds into thinking this isn't the real reality we are living in.
    My brain does not work like most people reading this. I will admit but that does not mean my ideas are invalid. I believe in something bigger than our tiny brains can understand. The only advice I can give is look at the stars every night and contemplate what's out there. When you look outward you see how insignificant your troubles may be. Reflect on not what's in the material plane but what made us more intelligent than another species. Mere evolution doesn't explain how we became what we are.