Toni and I are both in porn, so while we have very relaxed views on many things others may not, we still do fight. These are some reasons why.
  1. Because we can't decide where to order food from
  2. Because he took a girl to lunch after they worked together
  3. Because I licked a guy's butthole ONE TIME
  4. Because he never lets me control the remote
  5. Because I'm on my period and he uses it against me, blaming any negative emotion I may have on my hormones therefore invalidating my feelings
  6. Because I'm shooting an anal scene the next day but he orders pizza anyway knowing fully well I cannot have pizza before anal and him eating pizza in front of me is like smoking crack in front of a crackhead
  7. Because he insists on walking all over the floor in his stupid fucking slippers right after I mopped it even though when I asked him not to beforehand he acted all annoyed as if I'm treating him like he's a child who doesn't even know it's rude to walk all over the floor in slippers that leave marks after someone has mopped it
  8. Because I talk shit about him on social media