Inspired by @bobbyhundreds! He sent this message to me last night. My initial reaction was to hate it. And then I was like ok maybe it could be fun to send to a couple of people. Now it's eighteen hours later and this is my favorite thing in life.
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    This is the original text
  2. Tori Black
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    Some had significant others that were already in on the joke, but didn't spoil the surprise (like the way I am now.)
  3. Stormy Daniels
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    Some were disappointed it was a joke.
  4. Abella Danger
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    Some people just did not like it...
  5. Jessica Drake
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    ...And then they threatened payback.
  6. Keiran Lee
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    I found out some people actually were talking shit about me.
  7. Lexi Belle
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    Like this evil bitch
  8. Christian X
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    And this asshole.
  9. Dana DeArmond
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    But I also found out some people say nice things about me.
  10. James Deen
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    Projecting much? Look who's trying to pretend like I'm the sociopath in this equation.
  11. Skin Diamond
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  12. Winston Burbank
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    He knows my weakness...
  13. Joanna Angel
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    ...See? Bitches love pizza.
  14. George (Spiegler's assistant)
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    Always business.
  15. Toni Ribas (aka my husband)
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    Too real?