Despite posting about it on my other social media platforms, I've noticed very few people are as enthused as I am about List App. But the few people who ARE on here, seem to be *at least* as excited as I am. Which brings me to wonder - what type of person likes List App? What is the difference between us, and them? This is what I have so far:
  1. We listen to podcasts.
    "Favorite Podcasts" is one of the suggested list templates.
  2. We're observant to the point of borderline neurosis.
    Just an observation.
  3. We don't troll.
    It doesn't seem possible, but I haven't been trolled once in the month I've been on this App.
  4. We find great humor in mundanity.
    I think this is the secret to happiness.
  5. We have a suspicious amount of celebrity culture knowledge.
    @NickyB 's Heidi Klum Halloween costume ranking list best encompasses this idea. Also, a good 1/3 of @sarahgorman 's lists.
  6. We like documentaries.
  7. We are inquisitive
    About life in general, and other Listers specifically, in an "I want to know as much about you as possible so I can understand you" kind of way. (Is Listers what we're called? Not 100% sure where we are with the terms yet.)
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  8. There are a lot of readers
    Akin to people who listen to podcasts. Curious for more in depth exploration on a variety of topics
    Suggested by @furtadomf
  9. We are introverted AF
    Suggested by @kellydehoop
  10. We have ample spare time
    Enough to write lists, at least.
    Suggested by @olive
  11. All really good looking
    Like, seriously. Maybe it's Tyne strong LA presence, or maybe list appers are just he kind of savvy folks who know hot to pick a profile pic, but still, this is a good looking group!
    Suggested by @Wilson
  12. We reply to comments without acting like fucking monsters.
    Suggested by @13spencer
  13. We all love television
    So I don't feel like a weirdo. Yes, I would rather become reacquainted with an old sitcom than tan on the beach or go for a hike (that's really just walking by houses, but uphill), and I feel like everyone on here is ok with that.
    Suggested by @mlh
  14. Blatant honesty and open hearts
    Sounds overly emo but I've seen incredible amounts of braveness and honesty with what people share.
    Suggested by @element75
  15. We are just rad.
    After mulling over about a dozen other suggestions, this one best sums it up for me!
    Suggested by @alimi
  16. We ❤️ @bjnovak
    Suggested by @minabird
  17. We are REALLY into our pets.
    Suggested by @saytrumbo
  18. We are willing to put in effort.
    This kind of goes along with Olive's suggestion of having time, but it (usually) does take effort to create a list. Maybe that weeds out a certain subset of people?
    Suggested by @DG
  19. We are all human
    I think?
    Suggested by @JoseMakesFood
  20. We are looking to improve ourselves
    Suggested by @TracyParker
  21. we are creative
    lots of writers, actors, artists and creators of all kinds over here!
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  22. We like each other
    This feels radical for social media in 2015
    Suggested by @sl
  23. We were list-makers BEFORE we joined.
    Suggested by @cordeliane
  24. hating The Big Bang Theory with the passion of a thousand fiery suns
    I've never seen anyone say anything nice about this show on here 😂
    Suggested by @hermionegranger
  25. Lovers of uber!
    So many uber lists
    Suggested by @MandyKN