Starting production on a movie tomorrow. I'm on for three consecutive days. This is how I get ready.
  1. Get nails done
    Director is requesting French Manicure. I'm pretty sure porn is the only place where girls are still wearing our nails this way.
  2. Write at least 1000 words
    Since I won't be writing for the next three days, I need to type at least 1000 usable words or the guilt will affect my anal performance.
  3. Do all the laundry
    Because my husband won't do it, and my nightmare is when the hamper overflows and he starts dumping his dirty clothes on the floor.
  4. Prep my butthole
    You don't want to know.
  5. Vacuum
    This actually has nothing to do with shooting, I do it every couple of days and today just happens to be that day. I usually do it in the morning but I'm running a bit behind. Writing this list probably isn't helping.
  6. Tan
    Naked bodies look best on-camera with a slight tan glow, no matter what color they originally are. IMHO.
  7. Make something in crockpot
    So that my husband has food to eat for the next three days while I'm fucking other people for money.