Recent trip, the most beautiful city in the world. Where west and east come together.
  1. Visit the Topkapi palace. Where sultans lived for 400+ years.
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  2. You can walk along the Saltan Ahmet "the blue mosque". A truly beautiful and impressive work of art.
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  3. Or cross over to the Hagia Sophia, a church converted to a mosque, built around 500 AD
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  4. Hang out underground in the basilica cistern.. Built in the 6th century
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  5. Take a walk down cicek pasaji in takism!
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  6. Get your spicy on at the bazar
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  7. Eat some kabobs... The have some more.
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  8. Try every kind of Turkish delight you can think of 😍pomegranate pistachio yummm
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  9. Then have some kanafahhh. A yummy fried cheese desert
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  10. Oh, and you can dress up like ottoman royalty 💁🏽
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