We all have our pesky quirks, I think it's good to acknowledge them.
  1. Chewing literally every pen cap
    I am a chronic and severe pen cap chewer, by that I mean, I gnaw them until they are unrecognizable. RIP pen caps
  2. Cracking my knuckles VERY frequently
    I just feel an urge to do it, ya know? So satisfying, but also very unpleasant for others.
  3. Serial sneezing
    I am not joking, if I sneeze it comes at at least sets of three, but sneezing ten times in a row is not unusual. And no, you don't have to keep saying bless you.
  4. Complaining about calories
    I read essentially every nutrition label that's available, and am rarely pleased. Others however, couldn't care less, and don't need to hear about it.