1. Talking on the phone
    Hate it to the point of being rude. As in, I just stop talking until you don't think I'm there. It's awful. And maybe actually mean.
  2. Slow drivers
    I really don't like driving, so once I'm doing it, I want it to be over as quickly as possible. Let me get to my destination so I can stop driving. GET OUT OF MY WAY.
  3. People who are nervous around me
    I'm a very kind woman who is usually smiling and almost always offering hugs and a listening ear. Pick up on those cues. I have a deeper voice and I'm very strong, but those aren't big deals. I can only put so much work into making you more comfortable. Can you even get comfortable? Please let me know if my efforts are futile.
  4. Build-A-Bear
    I don't want to stuff cotton and a FAKE HEART into some muppet carcass.
  5. Cynicism
    People who are needlessly cynical in situations that should invite wonder and amazement can fuck right the fuck off and give into a little joy. Cynicism is not equal to intelligence. Stop being the dumbest dummy who ever dumbed and enjoy your life. There is so fucking little of it. That's just science.