A few months ago I tweeted that Oprah should have Author and Activist, Janet Mock, on her morning program Super Soul Sunday. What happened next was unplanned, but I am blessed never the less.
  1. First, as an act of service, send her information that may be relevant to her interests.
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  2. Next, if she responds to your act of service by taking your advice, acknowledge her enduring benevolence.
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  3. Finally, she will bestow upon you the most glorious gift of all: a tweet affirming your very existence.
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  4. It's okay to be overwhelmed. Mortals were not made to bear the weight of Godly praise. But know that a full recovery is imminent.
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  5. At this point, you can respond however you feel appropriate. You might take this moment to show your gratitude, and let her know you will continue to be at her service.
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