1. I'll break my hands and not be able to write and lose everything
  2. I'll write for too many places and people will get tired of me and stop reading anything I write
  3. I'll write for too few places and people will forget about me and stop reading anything I write
  4. With no built-in breaks, I'll sit on the couch in these sweats forever
  5. I still won't finish writing my books or screenplay
  6. I'll run out of money and be homeless in New York which is what my grandpa said would happen before he offered me a bag of weed "for the road"
  7. I'll never find an apartment because New York is weird about housing and how does ANYONE find an apartment here?
  8. My friends will think I'm not even doing anything
  9. I'm not good enough
  10. My mom will continue to believe being a freelancer means I've decided to forgo compensation and lance for free.