Had a long conversation with a group of women today in which we discussed things we'd been taught about our bodies and the potential of our sex lives that were shaming, harmful, and just fucking ridiculous.
  1. "You're not going to want to have sex as much as boys/men."
    As soon as you find out you actually have a sex drive (or want to masturbate), you think something's wrong with you OR that you think about sex "like a boy". No Boo-Boo, that's part of being human. Just human. Different engines. Some people are working with 4 cylinders while you're rocking a HEMI.
  2. "No heterosexual man is ever going to turn down sex with you."
    This is fucked up for two reasons: 1) The first time any man doesn't want to sleep with you, even if you don't *really* want to sleep with him, you think it's because you're hideous or unlovable. 2) It reinforces the idea for men that when offered, they shouldn't or can't turn down sex, even when they don't want it.
  3. "All lesbian or queer women were sexually abused and are subsequently scared of men."
    If you want to get really real in this bitch, talk to ten women who identify as straight that you care about. Ask them if anything "weird" has ever happened to them sexually without their consent. Don't even use the words "rape" "harassment" or "abuse". If eight out of ten of them don't have a story, I'll buy all of you the book "Towelhead" by Alicia Erian.
  4. "Marry a man who loves you more than you love him because women can learn to love and men don't."
    No, women are taught to settle in ways that men aren't. That's not love. You just turned him into a safety school, homie. Surely, Jesus didn't wear a crown of thorns on Calvary for you to sell yourself short in this mortal coil.
  5. "You smell bad down there."
    Yes, you have a smell down there (just say vagina), but it's not BAD. As long as you practice basic hygiene and don't have some kind of an infection, the natural smell of your vagina is a-okay, it's AWESOME. People who love getting sexy with vaginas, are not pressed about getting a whiff of your sugar bowl. Don't put anything up there to flush anything out unless prescribed by a doctor or something. The coochie is fearfully and wonderfully made.