For a host of reasons (mostly lifelong poverty) I have only recently been able to acquire the necessary documentation to become a full-blown globetrotter. Feel free to suggest places I should go!
  1. Newfoundland
    I was invited to join a group of women writers on a trip to this pretty little Canadian destination. Not even sure what we're going to do there except walk, write, and plant an American Flag in the middle of town. Pretty sure I'm gonna bring my camera!
  2. Florence, Italy
    Good, art, and sunshine. I mean...of course.
  3. Iceland
    Pretty sure all of Sigur Ros' videos are shot in Iceland, and since it's a lifelong dream to live in one of those videos, this trip is inevitable. Will definitely be bringing my camera.
  4. Costa Rica
    I've had an obsession with rainforests since I was a kid. I'll probably cry when I see one in person. Then some parasite will swim up my tear stream and lay eggs in my eye ducts. That's just how it goes in the rainforest, Man.
  5. Scotland
    I heard Tilda Swinton lives there, so I'll make this pilgrimage just to touch the hem@of her garment.
  6. Pretty much anywhere else
    Because I haven't gotten the chance to do nun of it, I'm not very picky about travel.
  7. Australia first. No trip will ever seen "too far" after that. Oh, and it's amazing/the best.
    Suggested by @vp
  8. London, with me
    We will eat and go to fancy bookstores and mock people's accents but also be a little jealous too and go to hip neighborhoods with cute boys in baggy crotch diaper jeans wanna dance and also neighborhoods where old women carry cat food in carts along cobble stones
    Suggested by @lenadunham