1. I was listening to My Chemical Romance and he commented that he had no idea I was into Panic! at The Disco.
  2. My favorite snack is extra-sharp Australian cheddar, dried cranberries, and roasted almonds. He forgot the dried cranberries.
  3. He believes in me so much, I'm bound to get arrogant and ruin both our lives.
  4. He walks everywhere--like MILES--but we're still spending $31 a week on his goddamn metrocard.
  5. He makes up songs about my menstrual cycle.
    "You're gonna feel betterrrrrr!/ Only gonna last for a week / at least that's what they said in biology/ but I don't really knooooooow!"
  6. He's not on Twitter, but is curious about what I do on there, so he just Googles me periodically.
  7. He thinks I'm really cool, which forces me to suspect that he may be a bit addled.
  8. He has an obvious southern accent, but continues to deny its existence.
  9. He has a framed jean jacket with Grateful Dead patches all over it.
  10. When he took me on a surprise road trip to the northernmost point of the United States (mainland), he wouldn't make a pit stop in Forks, WA
    I wanted to pay my respects to the legacy of Edward and Bella Cullen, and also scope out any fine ass werewolves or whatever.
  11. Because the first time we held hands in his pick-up truck, the song "Brown-Eyed Girl" was playing.
    Yeah, I have brown eyes, but like...of course I do.
  12. He drinks a lot of milk.