"A life without alter egos is only half a life." -- A Guy I Played Chess With in Union Square (Ben maybe?)
  1. Kotexxx Jones
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    A/S/L: 43, Male, In the cut // Quote: "What the fuck is Turkey bacon?"
  2. Foxy Sugarbush
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    A/S/L: 32, femme, Harlem // Quote: "Behind these big breasts lies a heart of gold as big as these breasts."
  3. Rachel Tenshun
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    A/S/L: 29, radical female, Bed-Stuy // Quote: "The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house. That's why I brought kerosene and matches."
  4. Goose
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    A/S/L: 17, stud, Parts Unknown // Quote: "Keep filming! My mama ain't gonna believe this shit!"
  5. Myra Freebird
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    A/S/L: 40, yes, wherever the wind takes me // Quote: "You can ask how I got sand in there, but you can't make me answer."