This is how I'm dealing with my grief, people.
  1. The Verizon store
    Just so you know, if you're on a plan with someone and they die, Verizon will charge you about $600 to take care of that.
  2. During yoga
    I know now that crying during yoga is actually totally on-brand, but this was my first yoga class. I assumed my instructor was a witch.
  3. During a meeting with a potential new editor for a freelance project
    Keep your "visiting my sweet nana this weekend" stories to yourself, Lady. It's called TMI, and also, MY EMOTIONS. Meanwhile, what are your rates for features?
  4. In the rose garden at the Brooklyn Botanical gardens
    The roses aren't even bloom, but the dead branches reminded me of my grandma being dead too.
  5. In Target
    Grandma sure did love Target, didn't she? Remember when she almost fought that other old lady for grabbing the last brushed nickel frame? Fuck, those were the days.
  6. In a dressing room at The Gap
    It's kind of embarrassing that you're here, but their dresses usual fit so well, but this one isn't, so you remember the time Grandma got you a girdle for Christmas, and well...yeah.