I lived the first 27 years of my life in Indiana, and I actually really love it there. My boyfriend (Kelly) and I went back for his sister's high school graduation and regressed into full Hoosiers. Photographic evidence below.
  1. A photo of my Kel on a faux magazine cover about basketball. This was set up in our room at his parent's house. Also, he was 4"9 until he was 16.
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  2. Kel and I hid out in his parent's basement at night, drank his dad's beers, listened to Jim Croce records, played with his old electric guitar, and made out.
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  3. We went through his old books and found one to read out loud to each other. That was nice.
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  4. We recreated out first date by going four-wheeling in the mud.
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  5. On the way home from four-wheeling, we pulled over to pet these horses.
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  6. This cat was regularly in my bed (in my spot!) whenever I came back into the room during the day. When I asked her to leave, she gave me the cat-finger.
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  7. I just got a new phone number and received this mysterious text .
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  8. While the whole family was playing volleyball in the backyard, this hot air balloon randomly showed up. Very Indiana.
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  9. Despite neither of us having children, by being in the suburbs, Kel morphed into a total dad.
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  10. We went to a steakhouse where this man watched us eat the entire time. Very Indiana.
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  11. I hit a golf ball for the first time. And felt comfortable wearing shorts.
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  12. Found my kindergarten school photo.
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  13. Saw a guy reading this mess on the plane ride home. Unfortunately, very Indiana.
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