1. Is there a version of success that doesn't include accumulating "haters"?
  2. If I bet on myself, and I fail, how long until everyone else stops betting on me?
  3. What if I run out of money?
  4. What if I *have* to move back to Indiana?
  5. What if I run out of money and the stress ruins my relationship? Isn't money trouble like the number one cause of divorce? I'm not married, but still.
  6. How come my boyfriend's deodorant is cheaper than mine? It works the same.
  7. What's the benefit of being my friend? Good hugs?
  8. What the fuck am I scared of?
  9. A marketing report doesn't even seem real, so why am I doing one?
  10. Is anything else ever going to feel as good as writing?
  11. Why didn't I eat lunch?
  12. What's good around here?
  13. How did Chris Pratt become a raptor whisperer?
  14. How much longer am I going to pretend I don't know what I want?
  15. Why does being in love feel so good but look so whack?
  16. What kind of person sends someone an email saying they're going to unfollow them on Twitter?
  17. Why do we think women's stomachs are supposed to be flat?
  18. Why is HGTV so calming?
  19. When the only person who loves you unconditionally dies, how long do you get to be sad before you're just being a HUGE bummer?
  20. Can I eat ice cream for breakfast if it's green tea ice cream?
  21. What will it take for me to choose the life I want?
  22. How come as soon as you know what you want, nothing else will do?