1. Kenny Loggins
  2. The movie "Sleeping With the Enemy"
  3. Eat, Pray, Love (the book)
  4. My stuffed elephant (Hank)
  5. Ginger Beer
  6. Garth Brooks's alter ego, Chris Gaines
  7. Being by myself
  8. Over-stylized lifestyle magazines
  9. Sirius Black
  10. Being so excited for my friend's accomplishments that I start to cry
  11. Writing about myself
  12. Writing about you too
  13. Watching John Green videos on YouTube
  14. Applying to residencies and fellowships and really just applying. Actually, I love just paperwork.
  15. Doing my taxes
  16. When someone's being mean to me or my friends and I scare them with my words
  17. Air travel
  18. Telling people about my grandma
  19. Painting like I know anything about painting
  20. Pull 'n' peel twizzlers