1. This is so exciting!
  2. Who left chicken bones are the table? Will they blame me?
  3. I know what I'm doing because I've watched the Rugrats Passover episode about 1000 times
  4. When my boyfriend wears a yarmulke, he looks like White Aladdin
  5. What happened to my Matisyahu CD?
  6. Not sure I was supposed to eat the entire sprig of parsley. No one else did. Fucccccccck.
  7. I'm accidentally getting drunk.
  8. Oh shit oh shit oh shit I ate the entire chunk of bitter herb oh shit
  9. When my boyfriend lets Elijah in, he looks like White Aladdin.
  10. Gefilte fish. Why?
  11. That was a great time. So grateful to have been invited. Gonna grab some unleavened bread for the road. If they hadn't handed me leftovers, Deyanu!