Who says money can't buy happiness?
  1. A paddle board
    At Costco, these bad boys go for $600
  2. A Vitamix 3000
  3. An ungodly amount of shrimp cocktail
  4. A water trampoline
  5. A gourmet espresso machine
  6. A fancy knife set
  7. A 14 count pack of their finest filet mignon
  8. The ten pack of iTunes gift cards
    To use as birthday presents, etc. for my friends.
  9. A personal outdoor sauna
  10. A Cartier watch
  11. Frozen custard, so much custard.
  12. Kirkland brand jeans
    Suggested by @TJ
  13. A whole lot of booze
    Gotta keep the bar stocked
    Suggested by @TJ