1. Takasakiyama aka Monkey Mountain (Beppu)
    There are plenty of monkey hotspots in Japan. This monkey mountain in Oita prefecture lets you get close enough to kick them, though I don't recommend doing that.
  2. Cat Cafes
    Cat cafes are all over Japan so addicts can pretty much get a fur fix anywhere.
  3. Ainoshima aka Cat Island (Fukuoka)
    If a cafe isn't enough for you, find one of Japan's many Cat Islands.
  4. Okunoshima aka Bunny Island (Hiroshima)
    You can make friends on Okunoshima, but bribery is a must. Bring plenty of veggies.
  5. Owl Cafe (Fukuoka)
    If cats aren't your thing or getting your eyes pecked out is. [Kidding. No one's lost an eye. That I know of.]
  6. Nara Park (Nara)
    This park has hundreds of free deer. You can buy food for them, but watch out. They are basically the before divas from a Snickers commercial.
  7. Art Aquarium (Tokyo + traveling)
    This art show is made entirely of live fish because why not? I especially recommend the Night Aquarium which amps things up with alcohol and a DJ.
  8. The Street
    On any given day in Japan, I know that I could find myself walking past a baby carriage of cats or a dog with sunglasses. It's best not to ask questions.
  9. Whale Watching (Zamami Island, Okinawa)
    Just like my pickup lines, the crew on Zamami has a 95% success rate for hooking up with humpbacks.