1. CT from the Real World/Road Rules Challenge
    Drama ends up arm wrestling CT after an all night ecstasy & Sushi celebration at Stephen Dorff's e-cig party. Sick!!!
  2. The chick with whip cream on her boobs from Varsity Blues.
    Vince slams her at the Carl's Jr. in Glendale.
  3. Sully from Godsmack
    Drama and Sully go to the same CrossFit class and have a fight over who got the most handjobs in junior high.
  4. Maxim cover girl (Feb '04 issue)
    Vince slams her at the Fat Burger in Pasadena.
  5. Wilmer Valderrama
    Vince and Wilmer fly overseas and give the soldiers a thrill by letting them smell their fingers.
  6. The Situation
    Turtle and the Situation vape inside of the Lids at the Beverly Center.
  7. Jennifer Aniston
    'S cousin, Shelly Aniston. Looks a lot like Jennifer and slammed Vince at the Hooters in Burbank.
  8. Criss Angel, Guy Fieri & Dane Cook
    All tied as the sickest dudes ever.