1. Girl, you must be season 3 of Entourage on Blu-Ray cause you look great, have a bunch of special features and you come with a ton of Drama!
  2. Girl, you must be Turtle cause I want to vape with you then take you to shop at the Lids in the Beverly Center.
  3. Girl, you must be the opening to hit HBO show Entourage cause I want to drive you around Hollywood and make you say "Oh Yeah!!!!"
  4. Girl, you must be Vinny Chase cause you said we were doing a movie then you said we weren't doing a movie...
  5. Girl, you must be Entourage season 6 cause I found you at the Best Buy in Pasadena and you said you had sex with Kevin Connolly in 2009.
  6. Girl, you must be the Entourage Movie Soundtrack cause you are hard to listen to and look like the lead singer of Papa Roach.
  7. Girl, you must be Ari Gold cause you are angry, Jewish, and keep screaming your ex's name "Llooooyd" in bed.
  8. Girl you must be Queens, cause worse comes to worst I can always go back to you if everything else falls apart.