1. Your street is fine but a few streets over it looks like a river
  2. You find out just how many boats your neighbors have
  3. Long time Houstonians drive their car into the bayou because once it overflows it looks the same as the road
  4. You realize just how far below sea level Houston really sits
  5. Rain can do more damage than hurricanes
  6. Someone always had a stupid boss that demands you try to come to work
  7. You know it's bad when freeways are flooding
  8. Going to the store for supplies feels an adventure
  9. No power = no internet (that is worse than no power)
  10. There is always a bar open for all the stranded people to drink at
  11. Strangers will pull you from your sinking car and help you get home
  12. You are shocked when it becomes national news because this happens every time it rains for a couple days