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Not every YA novel has these qualities, but I see them often enough to want to say something. If I missed anything, or you want to add a new perspective, don't hesitate to comment or do your own list!
  1. Forcibly grabbing/pulling, Cornering, or overall restraining main protag's movement.
    Physical abuse doesn't have to leave bruises.
  2. Making the protag feel guilty about her own, very valid feelings/thoughts.
    This is called gaslighting, a form of manipulation.
  3. Forcing protag to take back her decision because she has to consider the male partner's feelings before deciding things for herself.
    A form of control in an abusive relationship. No matter the reason, a partner in a healthy relationship would respect his partner's decision.
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Because I really love this game.
  1. Torbjorn's Turret POTG
    His turret gets the kills and you watch him hammer at the turret during his ultimate. XD Trollin'
  2. Overtime
    Going into overtime and succeeding, and then winning the game.
  3. Supports Get Supported
    Not only are the supports fun to play, but you can get Epic status with votes at the end of the game. I don't know many games where randos show appreciation to supports.
  4. When the Cheese Works
    There were a lot of cheesey/gimmicky plays, and in the end, they were great(even if they were a little annoying). Such as: A 6 Mei team to block in the other team, or any team of the same hero, turret/bastion on the payload, etc.
  1. Being Clothed in his Presence
    It's not that he wants me as some naked trophy, but rather that he never wears clothes. The only thing better than being naked alone is being naked together. Also, sex. Obviously.
  2. Puns
    I love them. He hates them. This is a perfect relationship.
  3. Not Laughing at his "Gold" Humor/Jokes
    It's more like.. Bronze.
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Cuz being positive is not something I'm excellent at. I'm a realist. ;P
  1. Applied to 3 Jobs
    Unemployed from a recent across states move, and still looking for a job. Applying to places definitely makes my list.
  2. Watched the Boyf Game
    It's how we spend time together. He plays my PS3, and I get free cuddles.
  3. Cat Stunts
    My cat went crazy around 1am and did some crazy acrobatic stunts while hunting a toy mouse.