1. I love making people happy. Thats what makes me happy.
  2. Movies are my thing. I love them, even some of the bad ones. I want to be a filmmaker and actor some day.
  3. I love music that has meaning & heart.
  4. I'm a major nerd. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, pretty much any comic universe, action films, action figures, video games, etc.
  5. I've been to film camp and made 2 short films with 6 other kids and my teacher while I was there. Became best friends with 3 of those kids and I still talk to them now.
  6. I generally care more about others than myself.
  7. I battle depression daily... Every day and every night...
  8. I never went to public school. I've been homeschooled since grade 1.
  9. Never made many friends irl. But made tons of friends online who I tend to consider family.
  10. I have an older sister
  11. I have a 1 year old nephew. Kinda odd being an uncle but I love the lil dude. :)
  12. I love to read and write. Though I don't write often. I usally just log my ideas on paper and the full stories in my mind. :P
  13. Thanks to my friend Sam, I got to voice act in a peoject alongside a famous voice actor(David Kaye).
  14. I've been given advice from actors, voice actors and even directors.
  15. Steve Jablonsky once told me on twitter that he cant wait to see my name on the big screen and that he hopes to work with me some day.