We delved into our archives for this week's On Story podcast featuring Tom McCarthy discussing his first film The Station Agent. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/austin-film-festivals-on-story/id580567383?mt=2#episodeGuid=d89411f6f60c27a82273ec310e401a54
  1. On Writing with a Purpose
    “We’re writers. It's our job...so it’s just bringing what is immediate in your life... whether that is something that you would also discuss in therapy, or something that you just find really fascinating.”
  2. On Connecting with Your Writing
    “I think writing just has to be something that is very immediate to you and something you like to talk about or like to be working on. otherwise, it’s not going to sustain you and you won’t be able to ultimately sustain the work.”
  3. On Working with Peter Dinklage
    “When I set down with Peter Dinklage, who plays the lead in the movie and is a dwarf, we talked a lot about not sentimentalizing the script or not making it a sort of coming of height story - like a small man in a big world kind of thing - and how to avoid those pitfalls and a lot of that was relying on him to keep it real.”
  4. On Finding a Common Thread
    “When I finally approached him [Peter Dinklage] about writing the film, I didn’t want to assume that I had any real understanding of what he’s experienced, but at the same time I know the movie was not focused on that and what he experienced emotionally, we all experience in our own ways. I mean they're moments we all have: that feeling of being outside or not being a part of it or not wanting to deal more importantly really just wanting to remove ourselves.”
  5. On Peter Dinklage's Success
    “Pete’s [Peter Dinklage] now like playing Richard III in New York, he’s doing Sydney Lumet’s new movie he’s got like this crazy career, you know, I’m very angry about it actually. [laughter]
  6. On Rewriting
    “I was so close to making the movie one summer that I started to panic and see all these flaws in the script. I’m like, “this is a disaster” and then when it didn’t happen, part of me was crushed and part of me was relieved because I thought, “oh well now I can fix those things.”
  7. On Catching a Break
    “I had a lot of doors open to me which I think a lot of first timers don’t and still nothing. It wasn’t until literally we came across a guy who’d just entered into the realm of producing. He was a gentlemen who made a lot of money in the private business in Pennsylvania and set up shop in New York and hung a shingle and to his credit he got involved in two films: The Fog of War and The Station Agent so this guy’s track record is unbelievable, he thinks it’s like the greatest business ever."
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