It's egg hunting season and we don't think kids should have all the fun. If you find an egg on our website you will get an immediate discount to attend AFF. Hurry! Limited number available!!
  1. Poached
    I couldn't poach an egg to save my life, so it's always a huge treat when I get to enjoy one- Katy, Exec Assistant
  2. Low maintenance with no flaps
    I prefer hard boiled eggs so that I don't have to clean a pan. Scraping pieces of egg off of skillets weirds me out. I also don't like omelettes because they are essentially flaps of egg. - Liz, Senior Film Program Director
  3. Green
    (With ham). -Fernando, Marketing Director
  4. Solid
    I hate runny yolks. I know lots of people like this raw yellow mess, but I just think it is gross. - Gabbi, Screenplay Competition Creative Coordinator
  5. Migas
    I can't eggsplain it, but eggs kind of creep me out. Perhaps it is the combination of the versatility of preparing them and the fact that they once had the potential to be fertilized...but if I had to pick...migas. On a Sunday morning, migas, me and a mimosa are like the Three Egg-migos. - Erin, our resident pun expert (and Conference Director)
  6. Breakfast Tacos
    Did you know that people sometimes eat eggs without a tortilla?! I know. It's horrifying, but true. Luckily Austinites and other sane people realize the only real way to enjoy eggs is inside of a flour tortilla, with bacon, potatoes or chorizo on top and drenched in salsa. Hopefully the rest of the world will catch on soon. - Harrison, Film Competition Director
  7. Over easy
    With refried beans, serranos and a lot of salsa...corn tortillas. - Barb, Executive Director
  8. With discount codes!
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