The One Where We Share Our Favorite "Friends" Episodes

Our staff has has a hard time keeping it under wraps that Marta Kauffman is our new awardee! We have spent the last week geeking out over our favorite "Friends" episodes...Prices go up TODAY so get your badge stat. (And we would probably spring for the Awards Luncheon ticket too. Because @paulfeig. And Nancy Meyers). Http://
  1. The One With The Embryos
    Phoebe accepts the request of her half brother Frank Jr. and his wife Alice to act as the couple's surrogate mother, spurring a whirlwind of emotions surrounding the procedure. Bonus points: What is Chandler's job?
  2. The One With All The Resolutions
    As per New Years Eve tradition, the friends divulge their resolutions. Among them: Rachel wants to stop gossiping, Joey wants to take up playing guitar, Chandler wants to stop mocking his friends for an entire week, and Ross wants to do something new every day. Indulging in this, Ross wears a newly purchased pair of leather pants on a date, only to realize the immense discomfort they provide. Unable to refit the pants after removing them, the date is cut short.
  3. The One In Vegas, Part II
    After an episode and a half of turbulence, Chandler and Monica reconcile and make a drunken wager to marry if they win craps. They win! Standing outside the chapel, the two are shocked by a sudden emergence by a very drunken, oblivious Rachel and Ross. WHAT?!?
  4. The One With The Cop
    "PIVOT!" Ross goes furniture shopping and manages to find the perfect couch. After refusing to pay any delivery fee, he recruits Rachel to aid him in moving the couch into his apartment. After getting the couch stuck in the stairwell and recruiting the help of Chandler, the couch ultimately ends up totaled. Amidst all this, Phoebe impersonates an officer after finding an NYPD badge on the ground at Central Perk. Eventually, confrontation with the badge's owner ends in the officer asking her out.
  5. The One With Ross' Tan
    Jealous of Monica's spray tan, Ross undertakes the process himself, only to entirely botch it....twice. Joey and Rachel attempt a first date, only to settle in their relationship as friends.
  6. The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break
    Phoebe's attempt to date a foreign diplomat is hindered by his incredibly broken English— and worsened by his translator's ill-timed interjections. Her recruitment of Monica somehow worsens the situation and leaves Phoebe and the diplomat unable to communicate. Ross attempts to celebrate his anniversary with Rachel, only to be met with her annoyance at his efforts. She proposes the two "take a break", inciting Ross to leave in silence. From here, the two reluctantly pursue other love interests.
  7. The One Where No One's Ready
    Ross is giving a speech at a museum benefit that evening, and none of the crew are ready. Tensions begin to mount as the urgency sets in: Chandler and Joey argue over a chair, Phoebe gets hummus on get dress, Ross yells at Rachel, Chandler hides Joey's underwear, etc. When the calamity settles, Monica spirals into worry after hearing an answering machine message left by her boyfriend, further delaying the group in their attempts to prepare.
  8. The One With The Football
    Following a Thanksgiving afternoon of watching football, the gang decides to host a friendly game of their own. In light of this, Monica and Ross are hesitant due to the fact that Ross' nose was broken by Monica years ago under similar circumstances. Despite this, teams are formed and the games begin. Eventually Joey and Chandler attempt (and fail) to impress Margha, a Dutch girl who happens upon the game. Finally, a blunder in the game's last moments leaves Ross and Monica fighting in the dark.
  9. The One With The Rumor
    Monica invites an old high-school friend over for Thanksgiving, one 'Will Colbert' (played by a young Brad Pitt). Upon arriving, Will is excited to be in he company of Monica and Ross, but is disparaged by the news of Rachel's attendance due to her ridiculing him as a teenager. Amidst dinner, tensions rise as Will, Rachel and Ross disclose rumors and scandals instigated by the trio during high school. In addition to all this, Joey eats a nineteen-pound turkey by himself.
  10. The One With Ross' Sandwich
    In an attempt to keep the escalating relationship between Monica and Chandler under wraps, Joey is forced to take the fall for a series of seemingly perverse occurrences. Meanwhile, Phoebe invites Rachel to join her at a Literature class she is taking, until discovering that Rachel has no desire to learn the material and instead bringing Monica. Ross is beginning to splinter mentally under the weight of an eviction and recent divorce, finally snapping when his sandwich is eaten at the office.
  11. The One Where Ross Finds Out
    Having put on a few extra pounds, Chandler recruits Monica as a personal trainer, with successful but emotionally abrasive results. Phoebe tries assertively to convince the man she's seeing, Scott, to put out with her, only to realize how desperate she ultimately appears. Rachel struggles to suppress old feelings for Ross, who announces his intent to get a cat with his girlfriend, Julie. This news continues to eat away at Rachel, until his revelation to her true feelings brings the two together.
  12. The One with the Blackout
    Chandler gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre. Phoebe sings a song about dairy. Ross is attacked by a cat. The gang tells the weirdest places they've had sex.
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  13. The One with the Holiday Armadillo
    Ross hopes to introduce Ben to Chanukah and get a little help from Santa, Superman, and the Holiday Armadillo! There are several failed attempts to get Rachel to move out of Joey's apartment.
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