My very biased opinion based on gameplay, personality, and entertainment, among other factors.
  1. #16. Jozea
    Horrible gameplay and cocky personality. He was entertaining, but not in a good way.
  2. #15. Michelle
    Floater. She just cried when she didn't get what she wanted. Floaters usually get somewhat far in the game, but I don't think it's a great or entertaining way to play the game. She also backstabbed the players I liked.
  3. #14. Tiffany
    Emotional wreck. She should've trusted her alliance, and her failure to do so was her downfall.
  4. #13. Glenn
    He had potential to do pretty well in the game. I can't imagine him being worse than Jozea, Michelle, or Tiffany.
  5. #12. Bridgette
    Floated until she aligned with Frank, and floated once he was gone. I don't think she made many (if any) decisions on her own. Her HOH was basically Frank's.
  6. #11. Bronte
    She actually had what seemed to be a somewhat decent alliance for a while, but it just didn't work out. I think she could've done more to stay in the house.
  7. #10. Da'vonne
    She couldn't keep her mouth shut. She had a big part in splitting up her solid alliance by gunning for Frank much earlier than she should have. (Side note: I also think the way she lost her temper with Paulie in the jury house was uncalled for, classless, and childish, regardless of what Paulie did.)
  8. #9. Frank
    I'll give Frank props for winning some competitions, having a couple of alliances, and getting Bridgette to put up who he wanted. He was too confrontational to go any further in the game than he did.
  9. #8. Zakiyah
    Very easily manipulated and way too trusting. She got caught up with Paulie. Even once she realized she was getting played, she didn't do anything about it; she went right back to Paulie with little or no regard to the game whatsoever.
  10. #7. Paulie
    I put him this high on the list because of how well the first half of his game went. He was manipulative, entertaining, and in a great spot to go far and even win the game. He kinda blew up halfway through though. He may not have been the nicest person, but I'm hoping that the house just got to him, rather than it being the way he always is.
  11. #6. Natalie
    She did manage to win a challenge or two, but she mainly rode James's coat tails.
  12. #5. Corey
    He won some challenges when he needed to. He did float through some of the game, but he and Nicole managed to finally get out Victor and backstab James, Natalie, and Paul.
  13. #4. James
    He made alliances, strengthened his relationships in the house, and, overall, played a decent game. He was distracted by Natalie a bit, but he's done a good job of keeping himself safe.
  14. #3. Nicole
    She's much smarter than she seems. She's played a great game; backstabbing, winning competitions, and really thinking through the decisions she's made. But, she may have backstabbed too much, and she may have overthought her decisions, causing her to make a bad choice.
  15. #2. Victor
    Battle back champion! He's a trusting player— almost to a fault. He's stayed true to everyone he's given his word to. He's got my vote for America's Favorite Player.
  16. #1. Paul
    Won comps, built relationships, worked his way up from the bottom, and is definitely one of the top contenders to win it all. He's my pick to win.