I know List App is mostly funny, almost always good-natured, but I woke up to a newspaper full of yet more anti-choice news. I'm talking about abortion until the right to have one isn't threatened.
  1. Age 30, 1st trimester, D&C
    I had a five month old baby. I went back to work on Monday, found out I was pregnant on Wednesday, and had the abortion on Friday. I felt a flash or two of regret, but mostly I was just grateful not to have to contemplate having two babies at once. I was using birth control, the sponge, recommended by my Hasidic pharmacist. Guess who you shouldn't ask for reproductive health advice?
  2. Age 35, 2nd trimester, D&E
    This is the procedure Kansas just criminalized. I was pregnant with a baby I desperately wanted. I looked even more pregnant than I was because it was my third. My kids have named their "new little brother." (Rocketship. They were little). And then we found out that the baby had a serious genetic abnormality. We decided to terminate, the most difficult decision of our lives. The experience catapulted me into a six-month depression, one that didn't lift until I was pregnant again.
  3. Age 47, 1st trimester, D&C
    Yeah. I'm a medical miracle. An accidental pregnancy at an age when some people become grandmothers. I was using birth control. Condoms. It turns out those really do have a failure rate. Despite the fact that my doctor did the procedure with no anesthesia (I do not recommend this unless you have a far greater pain tolerance than I), the only thing I felt was profound relief.