I love Berkeley but this place can be so completely and delightfully insane. This list is a work in progress.
  1. I was once criticized in a drug store for buying disposable diapers.
    To be clear, I was pregnant - hugely - had a baby in arms, and two other little kids. I was buying swim diapers. My response, "Lady, there is no way in hell I'm spending my last vacation in the foreseeable future rinsing shit out of a reusable swim diaper. But thank you for your concern."
  2. I have been told to check my pronoun privilege.
    By a nine year old. To whom I gave birth.
  3. My daughter's paper on Columbus included the word genocide.
    At least 27 times.
  4. The only line at the farmers market longer than the artisanal kombucha stand's is Blue Bottle's.
  5. I once almost bought a 13 dollar bottle of cashew milk.
    And I hate cashews.