Wise move, not making these lists.
  1. Horrible things Gawker has said about me.
    Honestly, it's just too long and depressing a list.
  2. Books I'm hoping to write one day
    Best way to guarantee I never write them is to make a list.
  3. Names of characters in our killed HBO pilot
    The names are evocative and nutty, but I love this show so much and what if one of you sneers? I'll be crushed.
  4. Shoes I own but haven't worn in over a year.
    So much photography involved in this list! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
  5. Underwear I own that's older than the average age of the users of ListApp
    I actually pulled open a drawer to make this list, but it turns out my underwear isn't as old as I thought! Yay!