The people in the sequined burquas have left the stage and it's time to people watch.
  1. Fat, bearded man in too-tight Tshirt and Merrill shoes
    Like twenty of these.
  2. Benedict Cumberbatch's punk rock nephew
  3. 80 year old identical twins in marching hemp dresses
    I shit you not
  4. Nondescript couple bickering about how much he hates when she posts stuff on Facebook that he doesn't want her to post.
    Honestly I think they might be siblings.
  5. Guy in glasses asking, "How long have you been a fan" in a hostile voice.
    Like 50 of these
  6. Row of cute girls on their phones.
    Are they making lists? Maybe!!
  7. Moms on a night out
  8. Basically, it's a whole lot of white people.
    But I don't care because I fucking love Carrie & Lowell. It's genius.
  9. Cool merch table personality and all around maverick
    Suggested by @A