1. Turn on the Freedom app.
    The web will ruin your life. Certainly your writing life. You have to be unplugged to accomplish anything.
  2. Make realistic goals.
    If you expect too much of yourself you'll just end up slacking off and sparking up a bowl or watching all five seasons of the Wire Instead. Or, I mean. Some people do that. My demand of myself nowadays is three hours a day, five days a week. But even an hour a day is fine.
  3. Shitty first drafts
    Annie LaMott said it and it's the best advice. Don't try to write well at first. Just get your 500 or 1000 words a day down on paper. Luminous prose is for rewrites.
  4. Get a buddy
    If you're really fucking off, meet a friend at a cafe and write side by side.
  5. Vow to donate to a loathsome cause
    Whenever I'm being super lazy I tell the Internet that if I don't reach my weekly word count I'll donate to the Westboro Baptist Churh.
  6. Have more than one writing project on backburner.
    You can use your procrastination on one to work on the other.
    Suggested by @videodrew
  7. Change your circadian rhythym
    This won't be popular so I'm guessing it won't make the list, but I get my best writing done between midnight and five am. But I sleep till noon.😇
    Suggested by @videodrew