1. My Japanese toilet.
    You don't know bliss 'til you've warmed your ass and sprayed your snatch.
  2. Devacurl hair products
    Without them I look like Gilda Radner, the jewess in jewess jeans.
  3. Travel humidifiers
    The dry air in a hotel room can be a nightmare. Mini humidifiers have saved my life.
  4. Packing cubes
    Speaking of travel, I love these. They make packing a breeze and are a great OCD outlet.
  5. Pax vaporizer
    I'm coming off like a total pothead, but the only thing that helps my frozen shoulder is low THC, high CBD weed. My pax saves my lungs. Also it's cute.
  6. Spanx bras
    In my new quest to always feel like I'm wearing pajamas, a soft yet supportive bra is a dream come true.