Suggestions eagerly anticipated.
  1. East coasters who text first thing in the AM
    People! It's six in the morning here! And yeah I know. I forgot dnd but Jesus Christ.
  2. Teenagers who leave the shower running while they're doing their ablutions.
    Thereby defeating their mother's carefully laid plans to save up for a bath. Another 3 days without a shower. Fucking drought.
  3. People who go to yoga with dirty feet.
    Are you saving up for a bath? I don't care. Wash your goddamn feet.
  4. Parents who let their kids invite almost but not the whole class to a birthday party.
    Bitchy mean-girl moms. The worst.
  5. People who walk slowly AND take up the entire sidewalk. 👿
    Suggested by @rachel
  6. Dick Cheney
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  7. People who stand on the left side of escalators when your goddamn train is about pull out of the station.
    Suggested by @sarahlefton
  8. People who chew too loudly
    Suggested by @jamie