I hadn't even realized I liked the color.
  1. This throw was the gateway drug. It's very soft and wrapping up in it cured my ills.
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  2. Then we decided we needed a new rug for the living room. Because I have four children and a hairy dig, we chose an off white background. And a blue circular thingy.
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  3. I don't even remember buying these shirts. And yet they are all some version of grey blue.
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  4. Who wears scarves? Not me. But I have some blue grey ones just in case.
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  5. A rug for the bedroom. What color? Guess.
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  6. It's hot. I'll wear my new tank top.
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  7. Or maybe this little Granimals number?
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  8. I went and painted my bathroom cabinets. Yeah. Blue/grey.
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  9. Need some hand lotion?
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  10. I fell in love with this little jar. Why? Because of its tassel I suppose.
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  11. I just bought this book. Which I owned already. And have read twice. So why did I buy it again? Guess.
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  12. I love blue grey! Immediately thought of one of my go-to nail polish shades: "Gray by Gray" from Sally Hansen.
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    Suggested by @annahendrick
  13. Boots. Impulse.
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