1. Marriage
    I really don't like being sappy. But spending your days with someone whom you love and who loves you, who makes you laugh, who sees through your craziness, who turns you on and thinks your sexy is honesty the most profound joy of life. Or at least of my life.
  2. Flow
    Every once in a while when I am working, things click into place and the words just flow. It's the most glorious feeling. It's what I imagine heroin is like.
  3. MDMA
    I have never done this drug at a rave or a party. I use it in a very specific way. Once a year my husband and I go away for the weekend and do it together. We spend a whole day talking about our relationship and about how much we love each other. We jumpstart our relationship, remind one another why we love each other. It's like 6 years of excellent couples counseling in 6 hours.
  4. When your kids love one another.
    I come from a very complicated family with lots of difficult siblings. Attention was a commodity for which we had to compete. That did not make for great sibling relationships. My kids, however, adore each other. They are one another's best friends. Watching them hang out and just riff is my favorite thing to do in the world.
  5. Watching an actor bring your words to life
    This has happened to me a couple of times in my career. Natalie Portman starred in a Don Roos movie based on one of my novels and I produced a pilot for CBS based on my early murder mysteries. It was a total rush to watch the actors embody something that had existed only in my head.
  6. Walking through a set
    Like having an actor bring your words to life, having a designer make real an environment that you imagined is so incredibly thrilling.