1. Read entire New York Times on ipad
  2. Spent 40 min doing alternate BMI calculations
  3. Examined pores.
    Never knew I had pores!
  4. Fried an egg. Broke yoke. Fried another egg.
  5. Internet suck
    You know it's bad when I visit Gawker. (Those weasel-fucks)
  6. Tried on all pajamas looking for maximum softest.
  7. Made a soft pajama spreadsheet.
    628401 8f68cac1 23d8 4a32 85ee d9fc9ed689de
  8. Used magnifying mirror to try (unsuccessfully) to see cut inside nose.
    How does someone even get a cut inside their nose?
  9. Can you tell I'm not eager to "make the script MUCH more romantic?"
    Maybe the truth is I'm not a romantic person. Or maybe my idea of romance is just different from most people's. I can be sappy! I love Four Weddings and a Funeral! So why do my "romantic" scenes seem to come off to my readers as bitchy? Fuck. FUCKETY fuck fuck.
  10. I
  11. The List App...?
    Suggested by @dev