In the face of the predictable hate-spewing I'm trying to decide if I should quit Twitter.
  1. It plays on my worst impulses.
    If you told me that the founders of Twitter got together and said, "let's design a social media platform specifically to prey on Ayelet Waldman's impulsivity and big mouth," I would buy it 💯. I have zero self-control and never realize, for example, that I should resist impulse is to bitch about my book not making the "notable" list. Ie. I'm too much of a fucking moron for Twitter.
  2. It's a cesspool of anonymity and thus misogyny.
    It's like when Obama was first elected. I never really understood, from my position of privilege, the profound depths of American race-hatred.
  3. Even though I only have about 14k followers, that tricks my publishers into thinking I have a "following."
    As the publishing industry dies its sad death, the midlist novelist becomes a dinosaur. I'm terrified that without the illusion of a "following" my publisher won't take a risk on my spiky novels full of "unlikeable" characters.
  4. It's fast and easy.
    I like the list better already, but it's not quick. Also I feel a little anxious because so many of you appear to be effortlessly witty.
  5. I've made some good friends. Like actual humans.
  6. It's effective for some things.
    Crowd sourcing sometimes works. Like when I needed some Chinese Yuan to put under my good luck Buddha, I tweeted and met a guy on a corner within an hour. Or when I needed to get through a huge Oakland demonstration to pick up my kid at Hebrew school I plotted my route via Twitter. And the next day when we wanted to JOIN the demonstration we found it bc of Twitter.
  7. Help me out, guys. To quit or not?