Texas summer creek days ♡

I love to be outdoors. Here are some pics of a secret place that is known by only a Few of us who dare to venture out into the wild.
  1. Ahh, this creek. Picture perfect. Literally. no one will ever find it! Mwahaha!!! Just kidding, a few of us local people know about it. But it's still a well kept secret and there's no better way to dodge the Texas heat than by relaxing in the boonies in this clear, cool, wild water. This is the stuff of my dreams ♡
  2. Still talking about the creek. :) its hard to believe that such a beautiful little secluded brook could be found in such a dry, hot (did I mention HOT?) part of Texas.
  3. April showers bring May flowers. And June flowers. :) you can't beat a walk down a country road. Just watch out for snakes.
  4. Such rustic beauty. Perfect setting for a picnic. Fried chicken, potato salad, sweet tea or homemade lemonade. Fresh watermelon or sweet summer strawberries. This place is beckoning my return. ♡
  5. Here is why we watch out for snakes. Once he got in the grass, we could no longer see him AT ALL. For anyone not familiar with snakes in Texas, this is a rattlesnake and if you run into one of these things under the wrong circumstances it could be lethal. Just watch out for snakes!
  6. A bunny! ♡ who doesn't love bunnies??