Batman Day Bat Facts

In honor of Batman Day, here are some fun Bat Facts for you to enjoy.
  1. "The Dark Knight" is the highest grossing film in the Batman franchise earning $535 million domestically.
  2. "Batman & Robin" has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes Tomato Meter score (11%) of the entire Batman franchise.
  3. "Batman: The Animated Series" won 4 Emmy awards (3 Daytime + 1 Primetime), had 1 spinoff show (Batman Beyond) & spawned 2 feature films.
  4. The first Batman action figures or figurines were made in the '40s and given as prizes at local fairs.
  5. 84 sound effect cards were used in the 1966 Batman TV series.
  6. In 2012, Econ students at Lehigh University estimated that the Batmobile would cost $214,700.
  7. According to Forbes list of richest fictional characters, Bruce Wayne is worth $9.2 billion and Wayne Enterprises is worth $31.3 billion.