Suuuuuuper late to do this, because I was too busy reading everyone's awesome lists🙈
  1. My name is Bahara
    But I usually just say it's Sarah whenever I go to Starbucks because well, my name is Bahara
  2. I'm 23
    Although I still sometimes get carded when I go to see a rated R movie so that's good
  3. I live in Maryland ❤️💛
    We have the coolest flag, don't deny it
  4. I have two cats and I love one of them. The other one is only ok.
  5. I love using emojis. I don't remember how I used to communicate before they were a thing
  6. This is by far the best app I've downloaded and I love reading everyone's lists. So thank you for posting <3
  7. I say "sorry" a lot.
  8. Also sorry if this was boring, I don't know how to end this list. Bye.