I'm not proud of this.
  1. 👀
    When I'm thirsty for information
  2. 😅
    When I'm literally asking any type of question
  3. 😭
    When I see something cute (usually a cat) or a picture of a food I want to eat
  4. 😏
    When I'm suggesting something (either to go to happy hour or get food)
  5. 🙋🏽
    Literally every morning, to start a conversation, instead of actually working
  6. 🤔
    Sarcastically thinking about something very obvious
  7. 🚮
    When I talk about the trash people in my life...there are a lot of them
  8. ❤️
    When I (drunkenly) tell my best friend how much I love her. Happens only when I'm drunk though.