1. Dreaming: this year Halloween/Christmas/Valentine's/flag day will be magical at our house. Look at all of these amazing decorations in the Land of Nod/anthro/etsy website
  2. Obstinance: these decorations are f'ing expensive. $5.95 for a little felt deer ornament that, if we're being completely honest, had crazy eye? I could make that. Wait, I could make that! (Cue trip to Michaels)
  3. Furious Pinteresting
  4. Go Time: supplies are out, ready to do this. Shit...my four year old wants to help
  5. Frustration: I started too close to dinner, kids are starving. I won't have time to do this later. I'll just power through
  6. Acceptance: hang janky 6-legged, lazy eyed deer ornament. We'll get 'me next season