1. Moss after the rain
  2. Power
  3. Old Boat (for men)
  4. Reflection
    This was an experimental idea about an "anti-fragrance" that would bounce the personal scent of the person attempting to smell you back into them. The effect would be subtle and familiar, not unlike an animal finding he/she has already marked this particular spot. It sounds great in theory but in execution it was a fucking nightmare and I nearly lost everything. I don't know why I thought it would be worth it in the first place. I guess I was desperate
  5. Sunday Afternoon
  6. His High School Girlfriend (for women)
    If this had worked I wouldn't be writing this list I would be buying and selling every one of you
  7. Fresh Paper
  8. Blood, Sand and Hair
  9. Guitar Strings (for men)
  10. Confederate Soldier
    I get it. I get it. Bad idea. But we were striking out and I thought we should try and appeal to a different market
  11. Man Brine
  12. Desert camping on mushrooms
  13. Sweaty Bar
  14. Chef on a smoke break
  15. Not-Cheating
  16. Apple
    The idea was to replicate the smell of apple products on a larger and more robust scale. To capitalize on the subtle and unnoticeable way that smell plays into the psychological experience of using an iPhone or iPad. It was a way of saying to yr brain "well if you like this, then check out this Human instead! You'll LOVE this!" It was brilliant. Ahead of its time. And when I'm dead you'll all feel bad for ever doubting me.
  17. Cold horse
  18. Fresh tattoo