None of this is fiction. Lots of the music would probably be embarrassing now. But it's nice to see it all listed like this.
  1. Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey
    This was more of a solo act but there was a rotating cast of friends who would play on albums. I took the name from a Catholic children's book. I guess I thought it was funny but then I kept it for almost ten years. I made the first album in my bedroom when I was 18 as a Christmas present to my girlfriend Jessica. I only ever played one official show but recorded dozens of records.
  2. Homeless Joe Navarro
    Some friends from art school heard I had recorded an album on my own and invited me to play with them. They would smoke pot and goof off and record on an alarm clock that had a tape deck. Since I was the youngest and under age at the time I would be the sober one and co-wrote a lot of the songs. We did four albums in a couple months. We all got too busy but stayed friends.
  3. The Mooninites
    This was me and my friends Travis and Zach. We were a sort of experimental, ambient, post rock band. We took the name from the show Aquateen Hunger Force and later the creators licensed a clip from us and used it on the show. We recorded a ton, maybe 5 or 6 albums but additional hours of remixes and improvs makes it hard to pin down. This is the music I'd probably enjoy listening to the most now.
  4. Telenovela
    Zach started this band with our friend Stephanie. They wrote and recorded everything together and brought friends in to play live. This included me on drums and Travis on bass. Zach and Stephanie were going to UGA at the time so the band was based in Athens. the rest of us would drive up from Atlanta and Savannah for the many many live shows we played. We recorded a couple records that I played on. The band dissolved when Zach & Stephanie broke up after graduating.
  5. Cat People
    Jessica and I got back together after I graduated college. She moved to Savannah and we started playing music together. This band was her on drums and vocals and me playing guitar. Lots of thrashing around and screaming. We played live a few times, the highlight was being asked to play in a bar in Jerusalem one night when we were just there hanging out. A band loaned us their gear, which I think they might've regretted later.
  6. Dolphin Beam
    Another improv band I started with my college roommates and some friends. Jon Lynn was living in a "studio space" located in a church in downtown Savannah. We would play shows in the fellowship hall at night when no one was around. The shows eventually got too big and he was kicked out. We recorded everything we did, 5 or 6 albums and as many shows. There was no leader and the lineup changed all the time. As long as 2 founding members were present it counted as Dolphin Beam.
  7. Unsolved Mysteries
    Jon Lynn had a solo project. He would write and record by himself but asked me and Jessica to help him play live. We would all switch off instruments and it was some of the most fun I ever had. The music was sort of synth pop and seeing people dance to the music yr playing was profound in a really simple way. I ended up cowriting a few songs and when Jon moved to New York I got to see videos of other people playing my guitar parts, which was pretty cool.
  8. Black Thirteen
    I left Savannah and moved back into my dad's house. The benefit of being back in rural Georgia was that I had space and room to make noise. So I started a new improv band with my friends Simon and Wes and we recorded albums a couple nights a week for about a year. Lots of other friends played with us including Jessica when she would come up to visit on weekends. We never played for an audience.
  9. Beru
    This is the only really "active" band on the list. It's Jessica's project that she's been doing mostly alone for years. I participate as much as she wants me to. She started playing live when we moved to Los Angeles after getting married in 2009. I added guitar parts on a couple of her records. But mostly I'm just a fan.
  10. Zearth
    This is the name Jess and I use when we make soundtrack music. Mostly for commercials and web stuff for friends. It's fun, kind of poppy stuff. We should make more of it but we're both so busy all the time.