I make these lists to remind myself what I've learned in the past year and what I intend to apply in the current one. I'm way late on this because I've been very busy
  1. projects with directors already attached are the ones that move fastest and most efficiently. Prioritize these when choosing the next thing
  2. Despite my difficulties in previous years, pitching is a good way to get a job. But it helps if you already have a movie or two in production
  3. pitching with a director in the room is magical, especially if you've already been developing with them and know he/she is on the same page
  4. So far, being underprepared for a pitch has served me better than being overprepared
  5. Having a writing partner means splitting all the money 50/50. Therefore it's better to always have at least two jobs going
  6. Difficult projects can be an opportunity to grow and learn. It’s good to have a balance of things you feel prepared for and ones you know will be difficult
  7. being the writer on set can be tedious but also wonderful. five days of boredom are worth it if you can make one suggestion that benefits the movie
  8. Making a movie with friends is one of the most rewarding things there is. Old friends as well as new friends. Be a friendly person
  9. being on set means having access to everyone involved. Learn what every job on set requires and keep it in mind for the next project
  10. you can learn so much by making friends with the prop master or makeup artist, etc. everyone is contributing to the finished film
  11. actors are especially wonderful to get to know and understand. listen to them and answer their questions
  12. notes are not always a set of commandments. read between the lines. be polite in meetings but always work to improve the script no matter what producers/execs are asking for
  13. treatments are sometimes a valid alternative to pitching. maintain/develop prose skills in addition to speaking/presentation
  14. the more (free) work you put in developing a pitch/treatment/outline, the easier it will be to write it. don’t always rush to sell
  15. Learn to think like a producer, like a director, like DP, like an actor, be empathy incarnate
  16. When in production attend meeting you don’t belong in. But keep yr mouth shut unless you can really help
  17. be flexible about yr ideas but stand up for things that are important
  18. Always be working on a new spec